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    Experiencing Majestic Prague

    Prague in Czech Republic has, for a long time, been shrouded in gothic mystique. But in a span of two decades or so, it has finally established itself as one of the must-visit cities in Europe, as well as the world over. It has slowly but surely built its name from a backpacker's secret to the ultimate tourist getaway in Central or Eastern Europe. There is a never-ending array of surprises that await you with a visit to Prague, so make sure to read more of this world travel guide to start planning your trip.

    Here is the top ten things you can spend your time on for the ultimate Prague getaway:
    1. Go sightseeing. Prague is one of Europe's most picturesque cities with numerous architectural landmarks. Indeed, it seems as though the city is a fairy tale landscape that came to life. Make sure to bring your camera so you can capture and look back on these beautiful and astonishing views of the city. You have the option to explore the city yourself or participate in guided walking tours.
    2. Watch the sunrise/sunset at Charles Bridge. In 1357, King Charles IV commissioned for this bridge to be put up. This stunning bridge remains a huge part of Prague's history today and is often frequented by historically-inclined tourists wherein you can witness 30 Baroque statues. There is also a horde of vendors here flocked by tourists who want to sample local treats while enjoying the view of the Vltava River. To make the most of this experience, visit at dawn or dusk to watch the sunrise or sunset.
    3. Chug down some beer. Prague is best known for its beer, which is the best yet most affordable in Europe. Make sure to check out one of its many pubs to get a local sampling. This is the best way to get a taste of the local culture, literally.
    4. Experience the rough-and-rumble Prague nightlife. Fancy nightlife isn't the thing in Prague; rather, you will get a rough-and-rumble experience that is all about the drinks and beers served in plastic cups.
    5. Witness Cerny's controversial sculptures. David Cerny is Prague's most popular sculptures who has created a few controversial artworks. If you are interested to witness them first-hand, make sure to explore the city as you can find them sprawled throughout.
    6. Revel at the Old Town Square. Prague's Old Town Square managed to stay untouched despite several invasion attempts way back in the 10th century. Today, the site is filled with al fresco dining places and tourists admiring architectural landscapes and sights in the area. When you visit here, be treated to local musicians and dance troupes rounding the streets.
    7. Tour Petrin Hill. If you are looking to catch some fresh air, head on over to Petrin Hill. This is recognized as one of Prague's greenest sights wherein you can also experience its landscaped gardens, mirror maze, and a miniature version of the Eiffel Tower.
    8. Check out local music talent or shows. There is a wide array of opera houses, musical venues, and concert halls in Prague. Hence, this world travel guide would suggest you drop by one on your visit and experience its rich culture through music and performances.
    9. Dine Czech-style. The menus in Prague has caught up with the Europe's dining scene that it is slowly but surely being recognized in the gourmet world. To experience true-blue Czech cuisine, make sure to dine at Allegro (the first in Prague to earn a Michelin star), Alcron (for seafood fares), and Kampa Park (also known for its gourmet seafoods, and within close proximity to Charles Bridge).
    10. Revisit time at the Prague Castle. The Prague Castle is Europe's largest ancient castle, which is equal to 7 football fields in size. It has been around for 13 centuries and would take several days to finish exploring with its royal residences, churches, gardens, and other features within the castle grounds. Aside from the historical attractions within the castle, the architectural design is a beauty in itself.
    This world travel guide of Prague in Czech Republic is only a summation of the best and recommended tourist spots in the city that you shouldn't miss. Try to explore the off-beaten track and more surprises would await you!


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