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    Check Out Davao Eagle Ridge Resort

    Davao Eagle Ridge Resort is located in Upper Ulas in Davao City. This is actually the first resort you’ll going to see if you are passing by the Davao-Bukidnon road. It is just along the highway, so getting there is not going to be a problem if you don’t have your own car. It has been in operation for quite some time now but last year they had a renovation so they had to stop the operation for awhile. 

    I finally had the chance to visit the resort last Sunday. Together with my two friends, we had ocular visit because we are considering it as the venue of our upcoming company Christmas Party. The best thing about my visit was that I didn’t spend any dime since it was paid by the company. However, before I get to enjoy the place, I need to take care of some business first. I need to get all necessary information for my report the following day. After I settled everything from the manager and taking photos of the resort, now I can enjoy the place. 

    So here’s my take on the Davao Eagle Ridge Resort. 

    First, the resort is gated and there's a security guard on standby, so it is perfectly safe. It has a spacious parking lot inside. Before you getting to the main area, you get to see a several kinds of fruit trees. Second, the rooms for overnight stay are beautifully constructed and well maintained plus all rooms are air-conditioned. 

    There’s a restaurant inside the place to satisfy your hungry stomach. The resto offers hito and tilapia dishes. There's a mini playground for kids. The resort only has one pool and it is 6 feet deep. There's no kiddie pool, so it is advisable that kids should be with their guardians when in the pool area. 

    The resort is also accepting special events such as weddings and birthdays.Their function hall and open space can accommodate huge number of guests. 

    Overall, I give the place 7 out 10. It is not really best place there is but if you just want to relax without having to go too far then you check out Davao Eagle Ridge Resort. During our visit, we were the only guest in the pool area so it’s like we had the place exclusive only for us. You can check out the prices of in Davao City Listings.


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