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    Take Time Out at Blue Waters Resort in Samal Island

    Blue Waters is just one of the many wonderful beaches in the Island Garden City of Samal. Its turquoise waters and soft white sands and not to mention its tranquil ambiance is ideal for those who wants to get away from the noise of the city. The beach is about 10 to 15 minutes boat ride from the City of Davao.

    Getting there is easy; you can both ride a taxi or public utility jeepneys and just ask the driver to drop you off in Davao Beach Club where the pump boat going to Blue Waters is waiting. The first trip is as early as 7 in the morning and the last trip is at 5 in the afternoon.

    I have been to Blue Waters three times already and every time I visited the place there’s always something new. The last time I was there was August of last year to celebrate my birthday. The place has improved a lot since my last visit. One major improvement was the beach itself. During my second visit, there were still a lot of corals present in the beach which made swimming not so enjoyable because of the corals that you might step on. However this time, the corals seemed to have been taking cared of.

    The cottages have been fully constructed too. They now have several cottages for all of their guests who will be staying overnight. The cottages were beautifully made and clean. We rented the Apartel (which by the way was still under construction the last time I was in the place). The room is air-conditioned. It is big and clean. It has a comfort and shower room inside. They have friendly staffs too!

    What made me visit the place several times is the fact that it is not too crowded. I am able to make the most of out my stay there because not a lot of people are going around the place. There are areas that I can have a moment of silence or just blankly looking at the sea.

    The only down side of Blue Waters is that it is a bit expensive. The food in their restaurant is not too budget-friendly. The guest can bring food but they have to pay corkage (which is also a bit expensive). Other than that I have mentioned, I highly recommend the place for a nice and relaxing vacation!

    Here are the rates of Blue Waters

    Entrance Fee Php100 per head
    Picnic Hut Php300 per hut
    Table for 10 Php150
    Swimming Pool Php50 per head (free for overnight stay)

    Cottages and Suites

    Apartel/Deluxe Php1800 (air-conditioned) good for two
    Standard Room Php1500  (air-conditioned) good for two 
    Garden House Php3500  (air-conditioned) good for five 
    Regular Room Php1200 (ceiling fan) good for two
    Family Room Php1800  (ceiling fan) good for four 
    Dormitory Type Php2500 (ceiling fan) good for six
    Extra Person Php 300

    Note: All rooms will cable TV, full bath, and a private veranda!

    Blue Waters can also cater team building, seminar, or even special occasions such as weddings and birthday parties. They have facilities such as the following:


    Grand Pavilion Php4500 good for 150 to 220 persons (with stage)
    Anahaw Pavilion  Php2500 good for 80 to 100 persons
    Clubhouse  Php5500 good for 100 to 120 persons (air-conditioned) 

    Contact Numbers

    Telephone: 303-2618 or 304-6975
    Email: info@ebluwaters.com
    Website: http://www.ebluwaters.com/


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