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    Surigao Adventure

    Surigao Del Sur is blessed with a lot of natural wonders! If one wants to be awed by the beauty of nature, then head on to Surigao Del Sur. It is located in the CARAGA region which is about 5 to 6 hours drive from Davao City. Mode of transportation can be through commercial buses/vans or airplane if you are traveling from Luzon or Visayas.

    For years, I have wanted to visit the place and see two of their famous attractions – the Tinuy-an Falls and the Enchanted River. Alas! The day that I have been waiting finally came, together with my friends and some other travelers, we explored Surigao. We rented a van that we could use for the whole duration of our trip. Just a tip to those who wants to go to the place,  if you don’t have your own car, better rent a van because it’s going to be a long and bumpy ride going to Tinuy-an Falls and Enchanted River. 

    Our first stop was at the Tinuy-an Falls. Getting to the falls was not an easy ride. From the highway, you need to travel for 13 kilometers more (rough road all the way). However, the long drive was all worth it because the falls is just truly God’s gift to nature. Dubbed as the “Little Niagara”, the falls is 95 feet wide and has three cascading falls which when combined will reach up to 180 feet tall. The water flowing from the falls forms a white curtain like image which makes it a beautiful scene to look at. We climbed up to the second level of the falls and from there it was just a perfect view. One can also see a rainbow across the water between 9AM to 11AM in the morning so be sure to prepare your cameras. Through the years, the falls has become one of the best tourist destinations in the city of Bislig.

    Our next stop was at the Enchanted River, another famous tourist destination in Surigao Davao Del Sur. It is 12 kilometers away from the highway and just like our previous stop the road was rough. The river has color blue and green water. The blue colored water is the deepest part of the river while the green colored is the shallow part. Local folks say that such color of the water is due to a combination of fresh and saltwater of Hinutuan Bay. There were a lot of travelers when we got there and the place was almost full but that did not stop us from soaking the cold water of the Enchanted River. I need to borrow a life jacket since I don’t know how to swim (darn, I badly need to get a swimming lesson!) nonetheless I enjoyed my limited swimming time.

    Then we headed to our next destination, Joan’s Beach Resort in San Agustin where we spent the night over. The beach was not as good as compared to the beaches in Samal Island but good enough to relax our tired body. It does not really matter to me because the beach was not really our main stop over. The following day, we headed to our main stop over which is the Britania Group of Islands! We rented a motorized boat to take us to 5 different islands (I can only remember the name of two islands – Hagonoy Island and Naked Island). The sea was very still and calm for the whole duration of our island hopping. I decided not to plunge into the water as I wanted to take more photos of every island.

    Then it was time for us to travel back to Davao City. Our stay in the province of Surigao was amazing and full of laughter. Another chapter of my book of travel has been written!

    Oh by the way, we went to see Lolong on our way back to Davao!

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    More photos from our Surigao Adventure!


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