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    Experience The Beauty of Nature at Eden Nature Park

    Getting close to nature is never a problem when you go to Eden Nature Park.

    Eden Nature Park is just one of the many tourist attractions in Davao City. It is about one and a half hour drive from the Davao City airport. It is located in Eden Bayabas, Toril. The park sits right at the foot of Mt. Talomo. The place is cold especially at night; this is because it is 2,650 feet above sea level. It also offers a best view of the entire Davao City. The park is surrounded by thousands of pine trees thus giving its guests a gentle climate and unsullied forest air. 

    The place is perfect for celebrating special occasions because of its relaxing ambiance. 

    The park offers various activities such as zip lining, horse back riding, trekking, fishing, swimming or just simply going around the park to see the beauty of nature. 

    Other must-see places of the park are the Amphitheater, Lola’s Garden, Flower Garden, Plaza Maria, and Mayumi’s well. 

    Kids can enjoy the vast playground while the kids at heart can experience the thrill of riding the Indiana Jones. Various bird species as well as different animals can be found in the “Pasyalan”. Swimming pool is located at the peak of the park so you need to do some stretching first to prepare yourself for a long walk, you can opt to ride their shuttle though if walking is not really your favorite exercise. 

    For adventure lover, don’t forget to trek down their mountain trail and be sure to have enough stamina because it’s going to be a rough walk down the stretch. 

    For day tour guests, a shuttle is available to take you to different parts of the park. Then you can satisfy your hungry stomach with their sumptuous buffet lunch or you can go fishing and have your catch cooked by their standby chef. 

    For those who are staying overnight, Eden Nature Park offers several types of room accommodation. 

    Those who are planning to visit Eden Nature Park; prior reservation is advised to avoid the hustle of going there. You can opt to ride their official transportation or if you know the place, you can take a taxi (for convenience) or if you are the adventurous type, you can ride a jeepney (choose the Toril route) then tell the driver to drop you off at Mercury Toril branch, from there a lot of single motorcycles are waiting for you to take you to one Davao’s wonderful tourist spots. 

    Eden Nature Park also offers special packages so be sure to check out their site first before making a reservation!


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