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    Traditional Dhow Cruise with Dinner: A World Travel Guide

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    The city of Dubai was formerly known as one of those Arabian cities, but it quickly rose to fame as the most popular tourist destinations. It is famous for many things, from its sprawling shopping districts to desert safaris to mountain tours, you will surely have many activities to fill your time with. The best world travel guide to Dubai will never be complete, however, without touching upon the traditional dhow cruise. This is one of the city's premier attractions that locals and tourists alike always look forward to. 

    The dhow is a traditional vessel in the Arab society, which is constructed out of wood. The vessel is made with a roof to protect its passengers from harsh elements as you are cruising the Dubai creek. This luxury trip is one of the most visited attraction by tourists who come to Dubai and is quite an unforgettable experience for those who have tried it. There are many adventure-filled activities that you can enjoy while in Dubai, but if you are looking to get ultimate pampering, this is the best option there is. 

    Dubai is well known for its giant skyscrapers and impeccable skyline at night. Embarking on the traditional dhow cruise with dinner is deemed as one of the best ways to witness those breathtaking skylines. The cruise vessel is also big enough to accommodate several passengers so you can use this opportunity to mingle with locals and other tourists. Upon your arrival at the vessel, all guests are served with welcome drinks. 

    The traditional dhow cruise with dinner is pretty elaborate. The vessel is decorated with traditional Arabian ornaments to help create the perfect vibe and atmosphere for a fun Arabian night aboard this vessel. Dinner is served at approximately 8PM, wherein you can partake in a hearty buffet meal. Arabian music is also played in the background so you can truly unwind as you enjoy your meal, which is prepared by some of the best chefs in this part of the world. The meal will start with a serving of local and international beverages, then followed by bite sized starters. After that, you can eat as much local and international gourmet dishes as your belly can take. All of that you can enjoy while observing all of the festivities going on in this cruise vessel. 

    Whether you are looking to experience a romantic or family dinner, the world travel guide to a traditional Dubai dhow cruise is something worth noting. When you are done with your dinner, you can go up the deck to savor the serene and romantic atmosphere of being in the cruise ship with the city's illuminated skyline serving as the backdrop. There is no dress code on this cruise but you can opt for a smart or casual look. 

    The hospitality of Dubai combined with its breathtaking scenery is an experience that is worth trying. This is why you need to take notes from this world travel guide to help prepare for this vacation. One very important tip to keep in mind: don't forget to bring your camera! You will surely have lots of pictures to take to immortalize this wonderful cruise experience!


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