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    Kaputian Public Beach Park in Samal Island

    Dating back to my college years, I’ve been hearing good things about Kaputian Public Beach Park. My professors used to spend their summer outings there and even my classmates were awe of its beauty. Fast forward to 2012, while planning for the send off party of one of my colleagues, we were looking for a beach where we can celebrate the event. Our first choice was Isla Reta but since most of us visited the place already we opted to keep the table open until Kaputian Beach Resort came into our minds. We wanted to go to a place where most of us haven’t been to and so we booked for an overnight stay in Kaputian Public Beach Park.

    Kaputian Public Beach Park is the best destination to go to if you want to relax and unwind without hurting your pocket. You can experience the same feeling of relaxation you get in other high end beach resorts at a very affordable price. Though it’s a public beach resort, you don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of the place because there are staffs maintaining the beach park. There are also security guards roaming around the vicinity so that makes you feel secure. One thing I like about the place is that even if it’s a public beach, you can still enjoy the beach without rubbing elbows with other beach goers.

    The prices are very affordable, the open cottage cost Php300 while rooms for overnight cost around Php300 to Php800. The entrance fee for day tour is Php15 and Php75 for overnight. If you are bringing tent with you, you need to pay Php100 or if you want to rent a tent it will cost you Php250. There’s no corkage fee however if you bring will rice cooker or any electric appliances, they will charge you Php50 for electric consumption.

    Reaching the beach is easy. You have two options; by land or by water. If you like going there by land, then you have to wait for a bus going to Kaputian at Sta Ana wharf. There are only few buses that will go directly to Kaputian so you have to be early in the terminal. Another option of going there is via “lantsa”. First trip of the “lantsa” going to Kaputian is at 1PM. So if you want to make the most of your stay in the beach, I suggest you take the bus. Going back to Davao on the other hand is also easy. For the lansta, traveling schedule are 7AM, 9AM, and 3PM as for the bus there’s no definite time, just be in the terminal because anytime there’s a bus waiting for passengers going to Davao. The travel time is approximately 2 hours by land and 1 hour by water.


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