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    Team Building at Villa Amparo Garden Resort in Samal

    It has been two long years since we had our last team building. It's always been a wonderful feeling to take some time off from work and just enjoy the whole day with your colleagues.

    We decided to hold our team building at Villa Amparo Garden Beach Resort in Samal. I've heard about the place before but was not able to get a lot of information about it on the net since there are only few articles written about the resort.

    The resort is located in Camudmud, about 20 minutes ride from the barge terminal. We rented a multicab to take us to the resort to make our trip convenient. There are also motorcycles willing to take you to Villa Amparo Garden Resort, just be ready because most drivers will ask for a higher fare. The road is rough and dusty.

    Upon our arrival, their staff accommodated us right away and guided us to the resort. The place is not really beautiful upon entrance but when you go down, the real beauty is waiting for you! I immediately headed to the beach to check if its crystal clear, unfortunately it is not! A big disappointment since Villa Amparo Garden Beach Resort does not have a pool as alternative. However, do not dismiss the resort right away because they have a wonderful amenities. Despite the not so enticing beach I still consider the resort as very nice because of their amenities and facilities.

    I so love the room where we stayed because it is nice and cozy. I love the fact that we are at the second floor because I get to have a bird's eye view of the entire place. Their air conditioned rooms are still very new and was very well constructed. The management did a wonderful job of maintaining the resort because it's very clean and their staff is always ready to help their guests. They have a huge open cottage for their day tour guests, the cottage is equipped with a cable television and a videoke machine. For those who wants to have a little privacy, there are small open cottages near the beach. Benches are provided for those who wants to get a tan or just simply wants to relax or sleep under the tree. One thing that I find cute about the resort is a space that they call "fitness zone". The resort is allowing their guests to bring food but of course there's a corkage fee! They have a cooking area so guests can bring raw food and just cook them in the resort.

    I can't describe everything how I feel about Villa Amparo Garden Beach Resort. One thing is for sure, I enjoyed my stay there. The place is very nice and secluded, perfect for those who wants to have a total privacy. I would definitely love to go back there soon! I just hope the management will consider constructing a pool. For room reservation and current resort rates please call this number (+63)(82) 284 0692.


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