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    Palawan: The Philippine Pride

    Palawan is a long and thin island in the Philippine Archipelago, stretching 650 kilometers from northeast to southwest. The whole island is blessed with hectares of lands and tropical forests. The Puerto Princesa, its capital city, is known as the nature’s lovers paradise due to its various beaches and wildlife reserves. 

    There are various attractions in Palawan and the truth is; one day is not enough to explore all these greatness. Let’s name the three of the great unseen but famous attractions. The first is the Calauit Game Preserve & Wildlife Sanctuary in Calauit Island, Busuanga is one of those extraordinary game reserves of exotic and endemic animals from Africa. If this place is still not enough for you, you should be heading in National Road, Barangay Irawan to see the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center. This center is the home of the endangered species of crocodiles and also houses a mini-zoo for other endemic animals in Palawan. Also in Busuanga is the diving hub of Coron Bay. Here, the best activities are not limited to snorkeling but alo open to safari exploration and collecting rough limestone along the cliff.

    Three of the unforgettable natural wonders in the world are found in Palawan. These are El Nido Natural Reserve, Tabon Caves and Tubbataha Reefs. The 96,000-hectare of El Nido offers only the best verdant landmasses and azure seascapes. Myriad marine life is found in El Nido, from sea cows, manta rays to the tropical fishes, it’s all here!

    The El Nido Resorts are also known for its hidden lagoons, palm forests, orchids, and offshore cruise points. The accommodation inside these resorts is cozy. They provide range of recreational facilities and aqua sports equipment necessarily for your get-go.

    The Tabon Caves is truly an archeological treasure as this is the home of series of twenty-thousand-year-old fossils, artifacts preserves and other livelihood implements. The caves are located in Lipuua Point, Quezon, Palawan, just 155 kilometers south of Puerto Princesa. 

    The 33,000 hectares of Tubbataha Reefs, which is located 98 miles southeast of Puerto Princesa, are the Philippine Largest Marine Reserve where you can immediately find manta rays, reef sharks, a plethora of tropical fish, and giant sea turtles around the corner. If you are a marine biologist, you’ll surely enjoy your stay at Tubbataha.  

    The great national park is in Palawan. The Subterranean River National Park boasts its exquisite stalactites, glass-ice texture of seawater pools, different species of animals and opaque verdant forest. 


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