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    The Small but Attractive City of San Gimignano

    The walled-city of architectural heritage, this is San Gimignano!

    Traveling to San Gimignano lets you take a train to Poggibonsi then a bus ride from the train station to the city. You must worry when you’re already there, the city is small and you can tour it around on foot.

    There are only nine noticeable attractions in the city and the most special is the Piazza del Duomo. This is the monumental small squares in Italy, where there are four medieval towers. These are Rognosa, Chigi, Grossa and the twin-Salvucci.

    The Collegiata that is situated to nearest Duomo Cathedral is one of those beautiful attractions in the city. If you want to see the various civic paintings, you should get inside the Pinacoteca Civica in Palazzo Pubblico. 

    Other attractions include the 200 feet Torre Grossa, the great frescoes at Sant’Agostino, the civic paintings at Pinacoteca Civica and the Old Stone Well at Piazza della Cisterna. 

    Food & Restaurants

    Various restaurants are scattered all over this small city. The Hotel Restaurant Panoramic is a dainty food dining focusing in perfumes and aromas. Da Pone offers you a medieval setting where traditional recipes are served genuinely. The Restaurant Da Grazano gives you an open-setting in beautiful terraces. Their specialty is focused on fish dishes. 

    Da Nisio is a large roof-terrace restaurant that serves you Tuscan wine and food. This is located a kilometer outside the San Ginignano Center. Da Pode is a beautiful mansion inspired in an elegant and comfortable cafĂ©. The Dorando offers just the pleasures of life. This cozy restaurant is fully furnished in accessible elegance giving you the feel of cleverness. The exemplary La Stella allows you to experience the rustic style of excellence. They serve Tuscan dishes such as mushrooms and truffles cooked in coals. 

    The Peruca Restaurant is perfect for those tourists who seek for inspired old-wine-cellar-setting. The whole family experience fun and delight in Zaghe & Doicce. Z&D serve nice dishes during lunch and dinner. If you have some extra money, you should try their Pizza Messicana and Bruschetta al porcino.    

    The City of Flowers

    San Gimignano is known for its numerous and alluring flowers. If you are a romantic person, this is the city you to look at for. You can always search online and order plants in line of the occasion. Get the flower and deliver right in your doorstep whether wrapped in papers, bouquet or just be in the pot.


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