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    Toyuzo Hot Spring

    At the heart of Nabunturan Compostela Valley Province is a humble yet awe-inspiring tourist destination known as Toyuzo Hot Spring Resort. The resort is part of the Mainit Protected Area & Landscape, which is why it is properly protected to ensure that the attraction can offer the best of nature.

    Toyuzo Hot Spring is very accessible from Davao City, which makes it perfect as a destination for those who want a relaxing time or bond with their family. If you are travelling from Davao City, getting to Toyuzo Hot Spring is very easy. If you are taking a private car or vehicle, the travel time should take approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. But if you are travelling by bus or jeepney, it could go up to 3 hours. The bus will take you to Nabunturan proper wherein you must take another ride to Barangay Bukal where the hot spring is located.

    The resort is named after the owner and offers a lot of relaxing facilities for its guests. They have a mini-jacuzzi pool and the well famed hot spring, which has drawn local and foreign visitors from various parts of the world. If you are a nature lover, the lush greenery that surrounds this resort is a major treat. Other amenities include a steam bath, which is actually a big cave that serves as a sauna bath that emits lukewarm water. There are also swimming pools for the adults and kids, alike.

    There are cottages available for day tour or overnight guests, which should give you plenty to choose from. A few years ago, there were only a few cottages available, but as the resort has gotten more popular and they had more visitors, there are more cottages that were built on the resort to accommodate all guests. You need not worry though as these cottages are very affordable at PhP 100. They have two choices for overnight cottages, depending on the size and number of people it can accommodate. The overnight cottage good for 3 pax is available at PhP 750, while the one that is ideal for 10 people is priced at PhP 1,500. You can also rent tents, if you want, and they will set you back at PhP 350. The entrance fee for adults and kids are very affordable, which is priced at PhP 40, and PhP 35, respectively.

    There is a canteen inside the resort, but you can buy food from outside of Toyuzo Hot Spring. You may also bring your own food, if you like. You can therefore have lots of options to fill your tummies, especially after an exhausting swim.

    Enjoying some R & R does not have to be costly. In a a secluded place in northern part of Davao City, you will find a treasure in Toyuzo Hot Spring. They have basic amenities to ensure that you will have a relaxing and bonding time with the entire family or your friends.


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