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    Isla Reta in Talicud Island - Samal

    Whenever Samal is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the Pearl Farm Beach Resort. Why not? After all, it’s probably the most famous beach in the Island Garden City of Samal. However, not everybody can afford the beach because it is not for budget tight travelers. Beauty comes with expensive prices and that’s what Pearl Farm is all about!

    However, there’s this one beach that is quietly making a name of its own as of late. The beach that I am talking about is none other than Isla Reta which is located in Talicud Island. It is slowly gaining a lot of attention from tourists not only because of its naturally clear waters and powdery sands but because of its budget friendly rates as well. Isla Reta offers its guest a great experience without spending too much money. The soothing location of the beach makes it a perfect get away!

    The last time I visited the beach was back in 2008. Isla Reta is a much laid back beach. You need to bring food because there’s no restaurant in the area. There were only few rooms for those who want to stay overnight. Their rooms are not as convenient because it’s not air-conditioned and sometimes has mosquitoes inside. There are no beddings nor need towels and you to share bathroom with other guests. In short, the beach is not recommended for an overnight stay back then, but we still opted to spend the night over. Some of us slept in the room while some slept in the hammock and in the tent.

    Hopefully after four years, the beach owner made some improvements in their amenities and facilities because it will definitely attract more tourists if they can offer their guests convenient room accommodation. 

    It is just easy reaching Isla Reta. From Sta Ana Wharf, there’s a boat that will take you to the beach directly. Just ask the people around the pier for the name of the boat. The first trip going to the beach is 8:30 in the morning while the last trip going back to Davao City is 3 in the afternoon. Boat fare is Php80 per head. You can contact Isla Reta at this number (082) 234-7903 for their current rates.


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