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    Eiffel Tower: Tourists' Destination of Choice

    Have you been scheming on a trip to Europe? If so, you should better include on your list of places to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France or else you will surely miss half of your life if you will not. Of course, don't get yourself there just yet without learning about it.

    Eiffel Tower, Tour Eiffel as it is called in French, was named after its designer, Gustave Eiffel and was built in 1889. Hailed as the tallest building in Paris, as well as the most recognized landmark in Europe. A global icon people around the world may say. Its popularity have made it always frequented by visitors every year. With 6,000,000 visitors yearly no wonder they have totaled 200,000,000 visitors ever since the day it was built. No wonder it is where most visitors prefer.

    Overall, the tower has three levels. At the ground level, ticket booths sells tickets for the stairs. These tickets can be used in accessing both of the first and second level stairs as well as the lifts. The third level however is only accessible by lifts.

    The First Level

    Learning and discovery is the utmost thing you can do in this level. They have here the FerOscope where techniques of how the monument was built is being shown through a bubble, interactive videos or “video glasses”. So as an electronic telescope which shows all of Paris suburbs in full detail.

    The Cineiffel, a room where Totem, a series of 8 television screens invites visitors to a discover the magic box of virtual images characterizing Gustave Eiffel and his tower.

    Altitude 95 Restaurant is named after the height above sea level to which it stands on the first level of the tower. Elegant views of the Trocadero, the River Seine and Paris itself from one of the most fantastic view points of the restaurant is experienced.

    The Second Level

    It is in this level where you can take the the lift leading to the third floor or summit. Window scenes in animation tells the construction of the Eiffel Tower, operation of the old hydraulic elevator and current elevator. The number of visitors who entered the Tower is being indicated in an electronic panel.

    Le Jules Verne Restaurant gives way to spectacular views from up the restaurant not to mention the delectable French cuisine that they serve.

    Top Level

    A ride from the elevator ascending to this level surely offers a view of the magnificent architecture of the tower and of Paris. The office of Gustave Eiffel is seen here. A table of which shows the directions and distances to main towns all over the world and a diorama presenting historical events marking the floor is also here.

    With a lot of destinations you can find in Paris, make Eiffel Tower your first stop. Historical, elegant and memorable, the captivating views from the Eiffel Tower will surely take your breath away and give you a high spirit in jump-starting your way to the next stop on your list.


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