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    Eight Best-not-Forgotten Tourist Attractions in United States of America

    USA, this is the land of the free and the home of the brave. This is also the home of the most powerful icons both in the entertainment and sports industry such as Bill Gates, Oprah, Michael Jordan, Pete Sampras and Serena Williams. But there’s more to that, the USA is also the homeland of great tourist attractions in the world.

    For the record, USA covers a vast land area of 9.6 million square meters and this only means, numerous attractions are spread everywhere. Let’s start with…

    The Empire State Building

    Who doesn’t want to be at the top of this second tallest skycraper in the country? This empire has eighty-six floors all in all and once you’re on top, you can immediately feel the breathtaking look-over scene of the NYC. There’s no need for you doubt, NYC has became one of the popular cities in the world because of the empire state. This empire is a must-see and being here is surely a grand experience you can never forget.

    The Grand Canyon

    This majestic valley that stands nearly over seven thousand feet and whatever season it may be, winter, spring summer or fall, the Grand Canyon is the place for mouth-watering adventures. Here, you can hike, raft, bike, fly-tour, star-gaze, sky-dive, and more. In fact, there are two ways to approach the longest canyon in Arizona. You can take the remote areas of the North Rim (Average Elevation is 8000 feet) or be with the crowd on the South Rim (Average Elevation is 7000 feet). Temperature here changes all the time and it might be a good idea if you consider visiting the canyon at its best climate hours. For tourist stops and reservation, you can contact a number of companies near the Grand Canyon such as the Grand Canyon Tours or Discovery Treks.

    Walt Disney World

    Apart from its awesome beach resorts, Florida is also known as the home of the Walt Disney World. Visiting Disney World is like having the fantasy island you always dreamed of. Fun, entertainment, thrill, excitement, these are all here. The Magic Kingdom is the one to explore as this is the core landmarks of Cinderella’s Castle. Are you for technological innovation? Go to Epcot. The Epcot is the educational park of the Disney Empire where numerous cultural seeds are realized. There’s also the Disney’s Hollywood Studios where you see the attractive themes in television and movies and the Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Two waterparks are also around the corner: Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.

    Traveling to Disney World does not require too much planning. You can get there by foot, by bus, by monorail, by boat and by car. In fact, all transits are wheelchair-accessible and absolutely free of charge.

    Niagra Falls

    The Niagra Falls is a huge waterfall found within the borders of Canada and New York. It’s reported that Niagra Falls is divided into three sections: the Canadian, the American and the Horseshoe Falls. Whichever view you are in, it might still be the best to see all three sections to experience the breathtaking scene. Traveling here is easy. You may want to take charter flights from the Niagra Falls International Airport.

    Yellowstone National Park

    This is one of the oldest national parks in the world which is situated in northwest Wyoming and extends in Idaho and Montana. Various geothermal features such as hot springs, glaciers and mud spots are found here and the largest will be the grand geyser, which emit boiling water 150 feet in the air. Yelowstone is also the home of the temperate zones in the ecosystems. Within its borders, you will see several wild animals such as grizzly bears, elks, deers and etc

    Apart from the never-ending adventure you can have inside this 8,987 km² historical park, temperature drops to freezing cold most of the time and it is advisable to wear warm clothings even during the summer. Transportation may go rowdy sometimes and you might need to book a private vehicle to get inside the park peacefully.

    Golden Gate Park

    San Francisco is known for its diversified cultures. Lots of memorable museums and mountain ranges are here and it’s not enough to explore just one place. But the one you don’t want to miss out while in San Francisco is the Golden Gate Recreation Park. This hub is referred to as the largest urban park in the world and the home of the most awesome attractions you can’t deny want to see. These include flower museum, classic-art museum, Japanese tea garden, polo field and more fine dining restaurants.

    Mesa Verde Nation Park

    Amazing parks are all over the country that’s why; most of them made it on my best eight list and of course, the Mesa Verde National Park at Colorado is not forgotten. With its well-reserved cliffs dwellings and desert landscapes, this is synonymous to temple of a four-season park. Some services are only available during April till October while the places like Chapin Mesa, Spruce Tree Terrace and Spruce Tree House are opened all-year round.

    The Arthur Ashe Stadium

    Are you a tennis enthusiast? Even if you’re not, going around the city of New York without dropping by at Flushing Meadows – Corona Park seems useless. Named after the African-American tennis player, the Arthur Ashe Stadium is the largest outdoor tennis venue in the world, which covers 24,000-seats and has a deco-turf concrete surface. Including its brother stadiums and other sidecourts, the whole stadium can accommodate more twenty thousand people and other special features such as ninety luxury suites, five restaurants and lounges for professional tennis players. Watching tennis matches here every August can really be a rewarding experience, especially if you see your bets are winning.


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