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    Fraser Island

    Fraser Island is another impressive travel destination in Australia. This island is situated along the southern coast of Queensland, Australia and around three to four hours away from Brisbane. It is 123 kilometers long and at its widest point it’s width around 22 kilometers.

    It was year 1992 when the World Heritage discovered the island. After the discovery, the place is considered as one of the world's largest island and the only place with rainforest that grows in the sand. This makes Fraser Island as one of the most rare and mysterious place on Queensland's coastline. In this area, you can see long undisturbed sandy beach flanked by strikingly colored sand cliffs. It is also a home of 100s freshwater both tea colored and clear blue lakes. Hence, Fraser Island is not just an ordinary island. It's an island wherein the Australian's rich natural heritage combine together.


    During the day, there is plenty to do in Fraser Island. There are endless beaches for swimming, playing Frisbee or beach soccer. Some of the visitors come to Fraser for fishing. In fact, an annual fishing competition is being held in here that last for a whole week.

    Day Tours at Fraser Island

    You can explore the beauty of Fraser Island from a bird eye view using the MI Helicopters for a day tour. In this way, you can observe Fraser's untamed wilderness, sub-tropical rainforests and crystal clear freshwater lakes. It is perfect for a couple who wants a secluded and romantic getaway.

    However, it is better if you explore the scenic highlights of Frazer Island by land. You can visit different pounded beaches, rainforest and freshwater lakes. You can also witness the brilliant spring wild flowers and forest clad dunes and other wildlife settling in the island.

    What's more, you can select your accommodation here depending on your budget. There are available luxury hotels and resort for rents, even a simple camp site. If you want a feeling like at home you can set up a tent and a campfire on the beach. Just ask anything you wish, Fraser is a great provider.


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