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    Weekend at Villa de Mercedes

    Villa de Mercedes is a first class subdivision located in Catigan, Toril. The subdivision is ideal if you want to settle in a secluded place and away from the city. It was developed by Uraya Lands and with the price of Php6,500 per square meter; it’s definitely not for everyone. The beautifully constructed guard house can instantly give you a hint that rich people are living inside the subdivision. Another thing you should know about the place is that it is not accessible if you don’t own a car because it is about 2 kilometers away from the highway.

    So what’s up with this place that I even bother to write something about it? Well, a first class subdivision can’t be considered first class if it does not have a first class club house, right? Villa de Mercedes takes pride of its very magnificent club house. I have been to several club houses but none can compare to the astonishing club house of the subdivision. I have to say that the pool is best viewed during night time because of the light that illuminates under the water. What makes the club house the best is probably their modern style infinity pool that allows you to have an over looking view of Davao City.

    The pool is child friendly because there’s a part of the pool that is intended for kids. The pool is only 4 feet deep so it is also friendly to those does not know how to swim. You have to be in your proper swimming outfit before you can enjoy the pool. Other top notch features of the club house are its huge bathroom and lockers. Your valuable things are one hundred percent safe because you are provided a locker and you can have your own number combination to lock the cabinet.

    The entrance is quite pricey at Php150 but it’s definitely all worth it. I will definitely go back there and spend more time in the water.

    Going to Villa de Merdeces is easy! If you want the convenient way, then you can take a taxi cab and just ask the driver to take you there, most drivers know where the place is but if in case the driver does not how to get there, from Toril proper, you will have to travel 5 to 10 minutes then just carefully take note of the sign that says "To Villa de Mercedes". If you are traveling from the north (Davao City proper) the signage is on right side.


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