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    Harrods: A Luxurious Department Store in UK

    Harrods is a pride of the United Kingdom. This is a prestigious luxury department store that is specifically located at Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, London. This is one of the largest shopping center in the world. The store aims to provide everything for all people, everywhere, as stated in their motto: “Omnia Omnibus Ubique”. Indeed, true to their objective, this great store covers more than a million square feet of shopping place and more than 300 departments.

    Nowadays, Harrods is a brand name that can also be applied to other enterprises run by the Harrods group of companies such as Harrods Aviation, perfect for any business travel since they provide excellent service; Harrods Banks, a private bank exclusively serving London residents; Harrods Estates, focus on residential properties both for sale and for rent; and many more.

    Harrods has already been sold many times to different owners and has also undergone several renovations throughout history. The most recent owner of this place is Mohamed Al Fayed; he had made Harrods a very famous brand and very much appealing to the rest of the world. But recently, Al Fayed sold Harrods to Qatar Holdings last May 10, 2010 as he has retired at the age of 77 and has still continued to ensure that this national symbol is kept out of the British ownership.

    And the latest news about Harrods is that it is planning to expand to Shanghai to tap the rising number of wealthy Chinese. That means that there venturing to a more global approach to reach more people in the world. Harrods shopping center is definitely a place one should go to when you want to find everything you need!


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