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    88 Hotspring Resort in Calamba Laguna

    During my second time in Manila, I got the chance to go to Calamba, Laguna and experienced the beauty of one of their lovely hot spring resorts. Together with my sister and best friend, we went to 88 Hotspring Resort. The resort is 2-hours away from Makati. First time guests, like us, won’t have a hard time locating the resort since it just a long the highway.

    The moment we got off the bus, we were surprised because there were only few Filipino guests; most of the visitors were Koreans, that’s probably because the resort is owned by a Korean national. Since it was already past 12 in the afternoon and the three of us were hungry, so we headed straight to their restaurant. The downside was that there were only limited Filipino dishes being served. After filling up our hungry stomach, we went for a sight seeing.

    We were amazed at how beautiful the place was. The resort had several pools (cold and hot). Cottages were beautifully built and there’s also a lake for boating. The thing I like about their pool is that the water comes directly from the foot of Mount Makiling, so it is natural and un-chlorinated.

    88 Hotspring Resort is a perfect place for relaxation and rejuvenation because of its serene ambiance. Though it is along the highway you will barely hear the noise of the buses and jeepneys passing by. Their bathroom was huge and not to mention very clean. For day tour guests, there’s a safety locker where you can put all your things.

    So if you are planning to go to Calamba do not forget to check out 88 Hotspring Resort. Be sure to have enough money in your pocket though because it is not too budget-friendly (well, atleast for me). Each serving of their dish will cost you around 300 pesos and the entrance fee is 700 pesos (regular rate) and 500 pesos (discounted rate). Cottages are also available for an overnight stay and price is around 2500 pesos and up. Bus fare from Makati is around 90 pesos.

    I don't really mind spending as long as I can have the much needed rest and relaxation!


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