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    The Magic at Enchanted Kingdom

    What is Enchanted Kingdom?

    Enchanted Kingdom is a 41-acre popular theme park in Laguna, Philippines. The park costs P1.2 billion to build and it was operated by Enchanted Kingdom Inc. Families, friends, students, teachers and businessmen are encouraged to visit the park to enhance camaraderie and solidarity with each other. The theme park was first opened on July 28, 1995.

    Activities & Accommodation

    The Enchanted Kingdom has various park zones. Each zone has its own attraction and merchandises. The Victoria Pak is the theme’s center attraction and along the way, there are grand carousel, grand era gift shop, souvenir shops and the park’s culinary delights.

    The Portabello is where you’ll find the park’s largest river rafting attraction (Rio Grande). The various attractions of the place are Flying Fiesta (Wave Swinger), 4D Discovery Theater (4D Film Theater) and Xtreme Paintball. The merchandises in the place include EK CafĂ©, Hotdog booth and Treasure Island Gift.

    The Boulderville is a prehistoric theme ideal for kids. Their play facilities include Air Pterodactyl, Bumbling Boulders, Stone Eggs, Triassic Tag, Petreefied House, Rock Quarry and puppet shows. Merchandises in the place include Ice Age ice Cream, Hotdog Kiosk and Stone Age Souvenirs.

    The Midway Boardwalk is a considered a carefree zone where you can see mime artists, jugglers and clowns. This is the place where you’ll ride the famous Wheel of Fate, EKstreme Tower Ride (Drop Tower), Bump N’ Splash, Roller Skater (Mini Roller Coaster) and Up, Up & Away (Balloon Ride).

    Merchandises in the place include Feltman’s, Harry Houdini’s Magic Shop, Henna Tatoo & Face Painting.

    Brooklyn Place is the park’s shopping zone where silent movies are shown. Various attractions here include Funhouse Express, parade at Cobblestone Street and the stimulator Ride (Rialto). The special merchandise that can be bought here is the Five N’ Dime Emporium.

    The Spaceport features the first coaster ride in the country. Many people also explore other attractions in the place and that includes Bandstand, Eldar’s Tent, Exodus, Space Shuttle Max, Spaceship Race, Kart Trak and Launch Time. The Jungle Outpost is your replica of the Amazon Jungle. This is where you’ll see Tropics Trading Post, Swan Lake, Safari Shoot Out, the Log Flumes (Jungle Log Jam) and Amazon Hoops.

    Rates & Fees

    Day Entrance Fees vary depending on the schedule of your visit. A weekday rate usually clocks at P400 and P500 during holidays. This regular pass would include unlimited use of all Park’s rides.

    You can also choose to celebrate special occasions at the Park. You just need to contact the sales representative at (632) 830-35-35 or send a mail at birthdays@enchantedkingdom.com.ph Enchanting group packages are available for 25 or more persons. Reservation of the tickets is recommended before the actual date of visit.

    How to Arrive at Enchanted Kingdom?

    By Public Bus (Jam Linear Transit & JAC Liner): If you live near Santa Rosa Laguna, there are local buses that can take you to and from Enchanted Kingdom. The bus route usually starts at Balibago and travel time lasts for an hour.

    By Public Van or by Car: You can also ride a van, a private bus or a car from EDSA Crossing and get ready to spend P60.


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