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    Lake Bled - Slovenia

    Imagine a place with pristine blue-green water, a small castle perched on a steep cliff in a magical lush mountain setting and verdant forests that give it an atmosphere from a page in a fairy tale book– can this place be real or simply a figment of imagination? Well, believe it or not. There is such a place...

    In the foothills of the Julian Alps and natural forests in northwestern Slovenia, adjoining the town of Bled, lies the enchanting Lake Bled. The only glacier lake in Slovenia with an island in the middle, Bled Island - the only natural island right in the heart of the lake, where the 15th century building known as the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary can be found. There is a medieval castle (Bled Castle) over 1000 years old stands above the lake. The temperature of the lake reaches up to 25°C in the summer and gets iced-covered in winter. The area is a popular tourist destination.

    Every visitor to Bled is charmed by its fantastic range of views and its captivating alpine lake. Lake Bled boasts a beautiful lakeside setting for a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Cosmopolitan seekers of diversity and beauty, of relaxation and inspiration, tranquility and as well as sports will find here a multitude of opportunities. Walking and coaching trails around the lake, traditional boats, the castle treasures, the nearby ski pistes, mountain trails, hunting, fishing, the casino, congress facilities – are just some of the activities and attractions that Bled offers. In Bled, it is customary to climb the 99 steps to the charming medieval chapel and ring the wishing bell in the hope to make one's dream come true.

    In the surrounding countryside of Bled, there is also a wealth of activities on offer --- If you are feeling adventurous, you might like to try rafting, canyoning, para-gliding or ballooning, or any number of other outdoor pursuits. Bled is also the cradle of golf in Slovenia and golfers from around the world adores its stunning courses. The latest addition to the array of facilities available in Bled is the Živa Wellness Centre at the Golf Hotel, which offers divine relaxation in its thermal swimming pools, saunas and beauty salons. Moreover, take a bite of the must-try delicious 'Kreme Schnitte' or custard cakes available in many of the lakeside cafés, as you stroll around the beautiful shore of Lake Bled.

    While the lake is characterized by features close to that of a fairy tale, it is “no sleeping beauty”. In essence, lovely, exciting, bewitching, and regal is what it is!


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