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    The Fulfillment of your Fantasy Dream: The Windsor Castle

    Do you regularly imagine a place where there’s a limitless air of elegance? Have you ever dreamed you’re once the handsome prince waiting for your Cinderella? Do you imagine yourself standing at the center of a ground and you’re surrounded with breathtaking walls and towers? If you answer yes to these series of questions, maybe it’s time for you to stop daydreaming and book a flight in Berkshire to see the 484,000 sq. ft. Windsor Castle.

    Yes folks; the Windsor Castle is the answer to your deepest fantasy. This grand attraction help you realize that things you only see in animated films do really exists in real life. You see, the interior and exterior layout of this castle has evolved throughout the years. Lots of eye-watering landmarks are added but the positioning of most main features remained untouched.

    So, what are these grand attractions you can see inside the Windsor Castle? Let’s start with the Round Tower. It’s called as such obviously because of its cylindrical and irregular round shape that cuts the castle into two sections, the Lower and the Upper Ward. You should be in the Lower Ward if you want to see the Baroque style of St. George Chapel. This chapel already looks so good at the outside with its meticulously-carved big windows. What more if you’re exploring the inside as you see the burial place of Henry VIII. 

    The Upper Ward consists of the private royal apartments, the George’s Hall and more state rooms. There’s no need for you to doubt, living in those private apartments is a grand. All what you need and all what you want to eat are at grabs in an instant. All you probably need to do is ask.   

    The St. George Hall is simply splendid. Entering this hall, you’ll be amazed with a very wide space and impressive set of high-quality furniture all around. The ceiling is decorated with coat of arms with those brave-hearted, Order of the Garter. The experience is a delight once you’re here, you can spontaneously say this area is without a doubt an ideal place for whatever dream event you have in mind.

    The Royal Home Park is another must-see attraction inside this castle. The whole area is divided into two; one for parkland and the other area is for farms. If you are interested, you can schedule for a tour visit in Frogmore House and Gardens. Just by the name of the attraction, it sounds like it’s already a piece of paradise waiting to be explored.

    There’s also a private school in the north part of the castle known as the St. George’s Windsor Castle. The purpose of erecting this school is to train students who want to be a part of a choir in the chapel.

    There’s also this beautiful scene referred to as The Quadrangle, located in the Upper Ward from the North West. Taking a picture with you at the center of this vast ground is really a fantastic moment so hard to believe. Sad though, this place is not open for tourists.

    In many cases when the Royal Family is in, anyone is not allowed to tour. So, it’s better to make an advanced reservation before visiting Winsdor Castle.


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