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    The Great Hadrian’s Wall in England

    Are you up for another great adventure of your life? Do you want to travel in one of the most famous tourist attractions apart from getting wet and wild? Let me tell you this. If Asia has the Great Wall of China, then your destination in Northern England is the Hadrian’s Wall.

    What is Hadrian’s Wall? Tracing back the history, the wall is made up stone and turf fortification built by Roman Emperor Hadrian in AD 122. The aim of construction is to protect Great Britain from ancient inhabitants of Scotland.

    According to my research, the construction began in the east before proceeding to the west. The materials used that time are a type of igneous rock (referred to as the Whin Sill), limestone, turf, timber and clay. A number of full-sized forts are added to the length of the wall particularly in the areas of Housesteads and of Birdoswald. The extension holds at least 500-1,000 troops.

    After the death of Emperor Hadrian, the great wall in Great Britain was abandoned. Thank God and portions of its remains still exist these days. In fact, the wall becomes a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.  

    These days, several people choose to go here to experience the grandest experience of a lifetime. The nicest thing about Hadrian Wall is the fact that you can tour its 73.5 statute miles by simply riding your own bicycle. 

    Getting to Hadrian Wall

    Planning your visit to Hadrian wall is easy. You can even book your accommodation and itinerary online. You know, getting around the entire wall is possible in various ways. One is through public transport such as bus and train. The other option is car or motorbike. If you want, you can choose to tour around using a bicycle. Cycling seems a great way of visiting numerous attractions within the area. If you do this, you can stop in every post and snap pictures in various angles. The main attractions to see in Hadrian wall include fourteen Roman sites, forts, museums, countless milecastles and turrets. 

    For more questions and inquiries, you can also call for tourist information centers.  


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