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    Alabaster Mosque in Egypt

    Why Visit Alabaster Mosque?

    Located in Cairo, the Alabaster Mosque is the most popular Islamic mosque in Egypt built in the first half of 19th Century. It is situated at the top of limestone hill overlooking Cairo and other important mosques in the city. This Islamic Architecture has two parts, the east mosque and the west open courtyard. Whatever religion you’re into, you are still welcome to visit this place and appreciate its Ottoman brilliance.

    How to Get in Alabaster Mosque?

    Once you’re in Cairo, there is already a private tour that takes you to Alabaster Mosque. Inclusions during the trip include your entrance fee to the mosque, hotel pick-up and hotel drop-off and a qualified Egyptologist guide.

    What to See inside the Alabaster Mosque?

    • Get inside the mosque and you’ll automatically see the grand cupola. A cupola is a mall dome-like structure placed at the top of a building. Looking at the Alabaster Mosque’s Cupola can feel overwhelming but it is worth seeing to.
    • Another item of attraction you need to look at inside this mosque is the Tomb of King Muhammad Ali Pasha. Its tomb is carved in carrara marble. Muhammad Ali Pasha is the founder of modern Egypt. As a modern nationalist, he started dramatic reforms in the military, economic and cultural fields. Ali died in August 2, 1849 and from Hawsh al-Basha, his body transferred inside the mosque.
    • Four semicircular domes surrounded the central dome. This dome measures 21 meters in diameter and has a height of 52 meters.
    • The Interior of the Mosque is surrounded with glittering gems and precious stones. Once you’re here, you can feel a greater sense of space. Its walls and pillars are all wrapped with alabaster that is eleven meters high.
    • Please don’t fail the brass clock tower erected in the middle of northwestern riwak. Historians say Louiss Phillipe of France offered the clock to Muhammad Ali in 1945.


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