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    Kanchanaburi:History and Tourism

    Most historians say that the ancient town of Kanchanaburi was located near Ban Lat Ya. It has been said to be a small village which was estimated to be approximately 16 kilometers north of the present town. The site was mentioned several times in Thai history as an invasion route which the Burmese utilized for them to enter and invade Thai Kingdoms.

    Kanchanaburi, is characterized by its mostly mountainous terrain which is said to have an area of approximately 19,473 square kilometers and is the third largest province in Thailand after Chiang Mai and Nakhon Ratchasima. This place (Kanchanaburi) is situated at around 129 kilometers west of Bangkok. It is considered sharing a border with Myanmar to the west, Tak and Uthai Thani Provinces to the north, Suphan Buri and Nakhon Pathom Provinces to the east, and Ratchaburi Province to the south.

    In north and west Kanchanaburi, the terrain is characterize mainly by mountains and high plains, with the Thanon Thongchai Range as a natural border between Thailand and Myanmar. The range is the source of Kanchanaburi's two most important and magnificent rivers called Maenam Khwae Noi and Maenam Khwae Yai. These two rivers form the famous and known Maenam Mae Klong. The two rivers resulted to an amazing view of several Thailand's largest “Namtok” or commonly termed waterfalls. Moreover, it resulted to cater also the most extensive wildlife sanctuaries in the area.

    The fantastic landscape and undeniable beauty of Kanchanaburi paved way for it to become know as a major tourist attraction which offers a relaxing place for people who wants a cool vacation and a place for adventurous people. Kanchanaburi has also well-known waterfalls, caves which are said to be once inhabited by Neolithic man, pristine national parks, tranquil rivers, virgin forests, and reservoir are just few of those things that make Kanchanaburi a tourist haven. The place is said to provide a fantastic experience for first-timers and a memorable one for repeaters to come and come again. Whatever you think to do, you could actually do it here, whether you want fishing, rafting, canoing, mountain biking, bird-watching, star-gazing, golfing, elephant and jungle trekking, or even living in bamboo rafts, Kanchanaburi has it all.

    In terms of Kanchanaburi's economic condition, it has been doing well on a national scale, with over 10 per cent growth annually. Industries like sugar, agricultural products and jewelry and also tourism are the main source of income for the locals. As the provinces high potential in the tourism industry has made Kanchanaburi one of the places among the west provinces in having the highest number of visitors each year.

    Most of the residents are of Thai ancestry with notable Mon and Karen minorities. Dwellers enjoy living simply and respecting nature. Moreover, what is said to be more interesting, the folk music and dances dating back at least 500 years are still performed today.

    Truly Kanchanaburi is not just a tourist destination rich because of its fantastic tourism industry, but also a place where culture and tradition is enriched and preserved. A thing notable enough to consider such amazing!


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