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    Egypt Travel: Aswan

    Why Visit Aswan?

    Aswan is tagged as the smallest tourist city in south Egypt. You are recommended to visit this Ancient Egyptian’s Getaway because you’ll find rich granites, captivating views of Nile River and Egypt’s most amazing tourist attractions. Ask anybody who have been in this rich and historic city, they can say, “You will never regret the day you are in Aswan.”

    How to Get in Aswan?

    You can get to Aswan by a lot of means. Getting to Aswan by plane (The Egyptair) is easy when you do all the transactions in the right way. For the record, there is an average of six return flights between Aswan and Cairo. Yet, if you are living outside Egypt, perhaps in Philippines or United States of America, there are numerous travel sites that provide 24-hour customer support. Take advantage of those deals and packages before they are gone.

    It is also possible to reach Aswan by train. Train services in Egypt are always good travel options that run along the Nile River. For those who live within the borders of Hurghada, you can ride a bus for an affordable rate of $7. In a 300 km travel, a relaxing bus ride for three to nine hours is never terrible for a first time. Booking a boat-ride is also an option. Dozens of cruise ships are open for the public every day. All you need to do is inform your travel agent.

    What to Do in Aswan?

    As I’ve said earlier, Aswan is a small city but blessed with great tourist attractions. Here are the three memorable activities you can do while in Aswan:

    A 4-Day Nile River Cruise from Aswan to Luxor is comparable to having an elegant party with your loved ones. For a $276 (prices vary at all times), you might want to consider touring around the cruise ship along with a qualified Egyptologist. All services and entertainments are conducted in English therefore; it is easier to ask anything you want to have. For your convenience, you can research Aswan Cruising online and book your travel in advance. Departure points are held from Aswan Airport or Railway Station.

    Private Tours

    See the temples. Explore the artifacts. Get mesmerize with the pharaohs carved in rocks and limestone. All these exciting moments are possible in one day. Day Tours are a great way to experience the delight in Aswan. For as low as $99 (prices vary depending on the inclusions and additional packages), you can have the ability to catch a glimpse of the High Dam, the Philae Temple, the Kalabsha Temple, the Unfinished Obelisk, the Tombs of the Nobles and the fantastic temple in Abu Simbel.

    Museum Tour

    The Nubia Museum in Aswan is the most important museum in Egypt. For ninety minutes of tour for $27 (not an all-time fix amount), you can set foot on their wonderful landscape furnished with sequence of waterfalls, palm trees, natural rocks and flowers.

    For added entertainment, you might want to attend amusing shows in their amphitheater. Touring services are conducted in English, that's why; you can ask your private guide anything you want to know.


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