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    5 Good Reasons Why to Visit Seagull Mountain Resort

    Seagull Mountain Resort is located 4200 feet above sea level at Buda Road between Bukidnon and Davao City. The entire place is widely known for its cold and comfortable ambiance. Though, you need to be extra careful with the mountain fog. It appears even in the daylight.

    The entire resort is surrounded with lush pine trees. It is your ideal getaway for romantics picnics, family get together or weekend outing.

    Amenities, Activities and More!
    1. There are plenty of impressive amenities you can hop on. To forget all types of stress an urban city can bring, live at their campsite for a day or two and experience how it feels to live freely.
    2. Travel by foot to arrive at their hidden natural waterfalls. The hike may be long but you just need to consider this activity a challenge. Hiking is your natural workout to lose weight. After the long hike back & forth, it is just the right time to chill at the poolside.
    3. The size of their swimming pool is good for the whole family and friends. The pool allows you to feel the freezing but natural running water from spring.
    4. Take time to explore the Strawberry and Organic Vegetable Garden after touring the hidden waterfalls. It cannot be denied this is one of the best attractions in the place and it is a pure joy to see a unit of ripe strawberries in the fertile land.
    5. Getting to Seagull Mountain Resort is easy. If you live in Davao City, you just need to ride a bus which will probably last for two hours. Upon arrival at the place, there is a day-tour-package that you can avail that cost Php 580. The package includes a ride on air-conditioned tour bus, the use of facilities (Open Cottage, pool, television, etc).
    I was able to visit the place last December with my best friend and I definitely had a wonderful time!


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