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    Top 3 Countries for Honeymoon Destinations

    What constitutes a memorable honeymoon destination? Every newlywed couple out there might say it’s the place, some will say it’s the weather and others prefer just anywhere as long as their budget fits right.

    These days, there are hundreds of great locations ideal for your honeymoon. There are seven continents in the world and each country in each continent has something so extraordinary to offer. Whether you choose to live in a five-star hotel, get tan while getting wet in the beaches or tour around the historic ruins, the final decision to where to go is all up to you and your partner.

    Of course, never ignore the amount of money you are willing to splurge. Months before your wedding day, it would be cost-effective if you already have booked a direct flight to your destination, applied for any affordable packages and every little thing you’ll need is locked inside your suitcase. This way, you and your better half will feel stress-free as the departure day arrives.

    Where Are You Going?

    United States of America: What things can you ask for in a land of milk and honey? There are plenty, right? It is also understandable that USA is a big country and it is clearly confusing you to choose the specific state to hang out. Yes, this decision can be difficult but take some time to research and you can surely trim down your choices to two.

    According to About.com, Hawaii ranks as the number one in terms of honeymoon desirability is concerned. This archipelago of eight islands is well-blessed with beautiful beaches, hidden coves, first-class hotels, mouth-watering cuisines and fair weather. Whether you choose to be in Maui, Moloka or O’ahu, there is an ideal spot of attraction for your romantic getaway.

    New York is the second state recommended for honeymoon destination. If you are looking for best restaurants, expensive hotels, non-forgettable theatrical plays, nothing can beat the busy streets of the Big Apple.

    France: When someone is discussing about Europe, France is surely one of the most-discussed nations during the entire discussion. The country has a very rich history in terms of culture, arts, music, architecture and cuisine.

    Its romantic city of Paris is considered the Grand City of Light, where hordes of historic attractions (Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, Centre Pompidou, Musee d’Orsay and Arc de Triomphe) are found. Other world-class cities in France that offers unlimited fun and loads of exciting activities are Cannes, Lyon, Nice, Marseille and Lille.

    Thailand: It is already expected that almost half of beautiful tourist attractions are found in Asia. Asia is the biggest continent in the world and it is composed of sixty-percent world’s population. As of this writing, Thailand has been tagged as one of the, if not the first choice, destinations for honeymoon. The water-activities in Phuket are just never-ending. Dive, swim, fish, snorkel, boat etc. all these things are here. However, if you and your partner choose not to get wet, the Chiang Mai is just the perfect place for the both of you. The city will keep your mind busy with a series of physical activities such as camping, raft riding and mountain trekking.

    Bangkok is also a popular destination. Every travel advisor online recommends this big city as your destination for either vacation or honeymoon. Like New York, it’s also the place for various shopping malls, hotels and amusements. All things are similar but you know the big difference, the country boats its Chao Praya River where you need to ride a boat to visit a temple (Wat Phra Kaew), to eat at street stalls or row in the south to visit the Asia’s largest outdoor market.

    Just a quick reminder: It is advisable for you to visit the country between November and February. The weather is cooler and there are lesser rains during these months.


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